Mango Juice

Instant mango flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Orange Juice

Instant orange flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Strawberry Juice

Instant strawberry flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Apple Juice

Instant apple flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Blueberry Juice

Instant blueberry flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Banana Juice

Instant banana flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.

Our Products

There are many diversity of our products, working for adding value to health.
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Cosmotices In Egypt
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Miracle pharma is doning now what patients need next.

Miracle Pharma Detergents


We produce all types of detergents, handsoap, shower, shampoo, detergents with different flavors, different types.

Octein Solution


The only and for the 1st time in Egypt the antiseptic and heal for wounds for diabetic foot, for burns the magical solution for infection and wounds.

Mermaid Shampoo


Mermaid shampoo is the perfect natural blend shampoo for babies with no tear effect. Leaves your baby’s hair smelling fresh and looking shiny Baby’s delicate eyes need special care during bath time.

Turbo Fort Powder

Vet Supplements

Feed Additives

Intimacy Feminine Wash


Cosy Wash is a scientifically formulated external intimate cleanser for optimum feminine hygiene.

Sydney White


Advanced formulation with the highest quality ingredients for skin lightening which significantly give you the improvement of skin›s complexion by getting rid of your common dermatological conditions such as age spot, freckles, sun spots, acne blemishes and even uneven skin tone.



For All Hair Types

Burna Soup


The only soup with Broccoli to lose weight & give high protien .

Zinco Gastrin


It is zinc acetate 300 mg it works on for acne, doses of 40-300 milligrams of zinc sulfate two or three times daily with or without food have been taken by mouth for 4-12 weeks. 30-200 milligrams of zinc gluconate prior to a meal daily for 2-3 months has also been studied.

Miracle Wheat


Fresh Natural Wheat Germ - A Healthy addition to breads, muffins cereals and much more



Chocolate drink powder with vitamins for kids & adults different package available .

Mango Juice


Instant mango flavor drink with sugar and sweeteners.